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Diamond Courses 2017

There are two course available this year, to be held in AUCKLAND, 
at the QUALITY HOTEL PARNELL10 - 20 Gladstone Road Parnell Auckland 

1. GAA Diamond Grading, 18th- 22nd September 2017

2. GAA Advanced Diamond Grading, 23rd- 24th September 2017.


The Gemmological Association of Australia provides Excellent Diamond Grading Courses,

by the internationally acclaimed Bill Sechos FGAA.


The courses covers GIA, CIBJO and HRD grading systems, as well as  treatments, simulants and synthetics. The Diamond Grading Certificate can be used as the practical part to the full  Diploma in Diamond Technology, which you can complete by correspondence with GAA.

The advanced course is a more in-depth study of fancy shapes, old cuts, assessing stones for re-cutting and more.

Full details of the courses are outlined in the brochures listed below.

You can sit one or both courses, though there is a requirement of having previously completed the GAA Diamond Grading Certificate if you intend to do the Advanced Course. The courses can be done in tandem.

The course is limited to 12 students per course, on a first-in first-served basis.

Accomodation is available at the QualityHotel

Cost of courses:

GAA Diamond Grading $1850.00

GAA Advanced Diamond Grading $ 750.00

or for both courses in tandem $2400.00


Enquiries and bookings, contact Donald Francey (09) 377 0730 email:

Application & information forms:





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